Antonio Zaccaria



Master degree in classical guitar, “N. Piccinni” Conservatory (Bari, Italy),
“N Rota” Conservatory (Monopoli, Italy)

Master degree in didactics of guitar, “C.Pollini” Conservatory (Padua, Italy).

Teaching qualification in guitar didacticts, “C. Pollini” Conservatory (Padua, Italy)

Private lessons:

Rocco Zifarelli (Italian RAI TV orchestra, Ennio Morricone, Mahavisnu Project of New York, solo artist)

Maurizio Colonna (classical guitar virtuoso, innovator, composer, concertist, awarded by the Billboard magazine as one of the 10 best classical guitarists in the world)

Frank Gambale (inventor of the Sweep picking and Economy picking technique, Chick Corea’s electric band guitarist, solo artist)

Certified Master classes:

Maurizio Colonna
Costas Cotsiolis
Aniello Desiderio
Albert Ponce
Frank Gambale
Roland Dyens
Leo Brouwer

Live and Studio experiencies:

I collaborated with several artists and bands both in studio
and in live performances, either as a leader or side man;
played genres are various: Pop, rock, classical music,
jazz, traditional and folk music.

I’m carrying out my concert activity in solo perfomances
or in orchestral and chamber formations.

I collaborate with several recording studios and production
agencies for tv/radio jingles.

I’m composing and recording tracks as a solo artist.


Work in progress. You can search for my publication’s list in Google books or Amazon.

Teaching experiences:

My teaching experiences start at the age of 15.
Actually i’m teaching in the Milan area, Italy.